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Innovation=Creativity, Cooperation & Imagination

Miniature de l'image pour Marc Lipinski.jpg The Innovation Week was held in EPITA from September 13 to 16. The event aimed to educate 2nd year preparatory students in research and innovation through a series of lectures. Marc Lipinski, founder of the Centre Francilien de l’Innovation (CFI) and biology researcher at the CNRS (Center for National Research and Science) kick-started the event.

Marc Lipinski considers that there is a great future for the digital world. Curiosity and fear of boredom added to the inseparable need for entertainment are according to him two factors that lead to the rise of computers, which stand more than ever at the heart of innovation. From this viewpoint, Marc Lipinski formulated 3 questions for future engineers to ponder on: What is the digital world we are trying to establish? How does this digital world articulate the relationships amongst people? How can we preserve our relationship with nature in this context?
Upon these keys concepts, Marc Lipinski highlighted the importance of cooperation, which he chose to demonstrate as the leading role of creativity and imagination. Innovation takes Research forward, it allows its actors to work together; as illustrated by the recent proliferation and development of research clusters involving large companies, SMEs, laboratories and research communities. Marc Lipinski recalled how the role of organizations such as his had been crucial, since they had brought together the various actors in innovation, which were previously split. The CFI, by positioning itself as an interface, and allowing cross cultures to interact, has greatly encouraged creativity.
Marc Lipinski thus invited engineering students to work together in the future with players from different worlds and cultures: artists, biologists, engineers from different fields. This was emphasized by Laurent Trebulle, director of corporate relations of EPITA: "An opportunity exists for EPITA students to work together on projects with students from other schools of Group IONIS, such as Sup'Biotech, specialized in biotechnology or e-artsup in digital art and design. "
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