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Research & Innovation Projects - Fall 2013

Three weeks ago, EPITA International Master's Office has announced the kick-off of the Research & Innovation Projects of the current semester.  The Research & Innovation Project of EPITA's International Master's program consists of developing an innovative project by a group of second-year master's students (M2), over a period of two months, in collaboration with a company or a research laboratory.

The R&I projects for this semester will have a special flavor for 2 reasons. First of all there are 35 students who are divided in groups of five and the groups are a mix up between the International Master and the French students coming from the GITM (Global IT Management) specialization. As for the second reason, the students this time are competing to win the EIM Prize 2014, an award that was put in place to motivate the students and enhance the quality of the deliverables.
During the topic selection phase, the students had the chance to select 7 topics out of 20 ideas that were proposed by the professors and companies. The final distribution of topics came as follows:

  1. International Students Guide - Version III
  2. Orchestral conduction and Musical scores
  3. BIM (Building Information Modeling) - Energy performance
  4. Making a 3D scanner from a Kinect
  5. International Mobility Guide
  6. Fit to my size
  7. Business Card Automation and connection with a CRM system

Please follow our new to keep up to date on the progress of these projects. Another article will be published explaining the outcome of each project in detail.

Academic coordination meeting

On Wednesday, the 18th of December 2013 the International Master's department at EPITA held an academic coordination meeting for all the professors who lecture in the department in the presence of EPITA's Managing Director Mr. Joël COURTOIS, Director of Development of International Relations Mr. Christophe Rouvrais and his deputy the director of the International Master program Mr.Rabih Haddad.


Many objectives were achieved in this meeting. First of all, the professors had the chance to get acquainted with professors lecturing in the different specialization to discuss and exchange knowledge on courses as well as on student's profiles and the challenges that the students are facing. In addition the academic team got involved about the new projects that are currently running in the international department and their input after discussion was highly constructive.  The meeting is wrapped up by demonstrating few numbers regarding recruitment of international students, the list of companies where the students are conducting their internships, the list of Research & Innovation projects that are now between the students' hands.

At the end, a traditional French buffet of Cheese and wine was offered to all participants.

Cheese & Wine at EPITA's International Office

On the 10th of December, EPITA's International Students participated to a degustation's evening of cheese and wine in celebrating the end of year occasion. The students of the international master's (current and Alumni), the students coming from the exchange program, EPITA's GITM major, and the staff members participated in this event.

20131210_185825.jpgWelcome speeches were directed to the audience by Rabih Haddad and Christophe Rouvrais followed by a presentation of the president of association EPIWORLD who explained the vision, objectives, and suggested activities for the coming months.

This evening permitted to our students to discover the traditional culture of France. They tasted several types of cheese and wine almost from all the French regions and wines. The students coordinators committee prepared a traditional wine, the "hot wine", and this diffused some warmness during the cold night.

In addition, there was a program prepared by the staff members and the students' coordinators committee. It included few games and at the end the students had the chance to try their voices and compete with other students and staff members in a KARAOKE competition with seasonal  and oldies songs.


Cristal: first steps in the business world

Cristal, EPITA and Epitech's junior enterprise, has been giving students of both schools the chance to act as service providers for client companies for 25 years. Following the structure of an IT consulting company, the board and team of salespeople supervise the 200 jobs carried out each year by Cristal. Nizar Bouderbala (EPITA graduate 2014), vice-chairman of the association, talks to us about the various measures offered to students who wish to get a first glimpse of the business world.

cristal_logo.jpgHow would you define Cristal's activities?
Cristal is a junior enterprise which has been around for 25 years. Over the years, we have been able to establish our reputation and demonstrate our students' skills by working with a variety of companies with development or consulting needs. By placing the students in real-life situations, they are no longer working for a grade but to deliver a product which will be useful to a third party and will be paid. On the whole, we offer jobs which are adapted to everyone: from easily implemented tasks to IT research projects, all students, whatever their level, can get involved. 

IT engineers today work in a world which is a lot more open than in the past. They are no longer just operators, they have to adapt and meet clients' needs and work with various partners. Cristal helps them get hands-on experience by applying the skills they learnt at school and by discussing with professionals. 

How does Cristal help students get involved in business creation?

One of Cristal's activities is to guide students who already have contacts with a client. Unlike the jobs that we offer, the student gets in touch with us when they already have an ongoing project. All we do is provide logistical support (legal framework, financial advice, insurance) or strategic support: the students carry out their work almost autonomously and learn by themselves. In this context, they are already entrepreneurs since most of the process is carried out by them.

Another way we can help students who want to be entrepreneurs is to get them involved in startup projects. Many companies that get in touch with us are still in the initial stages of projects and are looking for dynamical and proactive young developers. Some of the students who have taken part in such missions have since then become technical managers for these startups. We are here to encourage them to innovate.

In a context where economic revival needs to be based on innovation, Cristal is the ideal starting point for any engineer, to gain initial professional experience or to start their own business.

Association Cristal: 14-16, Rue Voltaire 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre

Telephone: 01 46 71 54 79

EPITA Participating in Study in France VIRTUAL EDUCATION FAIR in Hong Kong - November 2013

We are glad to inform you that our International Office is participating in the first virtual educational fair, Study in France VIRTUAL EDUCATION FAIR, organized by the General Consulate of France in Hong Kong and Macao. This green solution has been put in place to orient the students coming from Honk Kong on the best curriculum for their future. Students can participate while they are sitting in their homes!

EPITA's booth will be open during the fair days starting today till Friday. Visiting our stand, you will have the chance to chat with our team, 4 contacts are on duty, to get information regarding our International Masters, International Bachelor, and Summer School programs. In addition you will have access to our digital brochures and promotional videos.

salon 1hk.jpg

EPITA students meet the "world's worst equity raiser"

Miniature de l'image pour suhail_doshi.pngOn Saturday 21 September, as part of the monthly events organized by startup accelerator The Family, EPITA and Epitech and their startup accelerators StartUp42 and Creative Valley welcomed Suhail Doshi, founder and CEO of Mixpanel, an analytics platform for mobile and web. This was a chance for incubated startups to chat to the renowned Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

Going against unencouraging opinions

Suhail Doshi started by talking about his own experience as a digital entrepreneur. After giving up his studies, he was given advice by Max Levchin (co-founder of Paypal and and Kevin Rose (co-founder of Digg). That's when he decided he wanted to create a startup. He was first interested in video games but soon chose another path as he wasn't "passionate enough to develop a solid project." So he turned to services and drafted a project which was to become Mixpanel: "Even though the advice I was given wasn't very encouraging - Max Levchin thought the idea was "an interesting sideline project"- I embarked on the adventure knowing that there was a chance I might fail." After several months of hard work, looking for innovative ideas and getting turned down by several investors - "I'm the world's worst equity raiser!" - Paul Graham (co-founder of Viaweb and the Y Combinator) became his first financial partner. Since then, the startup has grown and been able to monetize its services. But, as Suhail Doshi explains, "what's more interesting than earning a lot of money in the long run is the way you progress to make your startup viable."

Open mentoring sessions

After the presentation, the attending startups were able to take part in open mentoring sessions. The principle is quite simple: the young entrepreneurs have a few minutes to present their startup in a simple and efficient manner and explain the problems they are faced with. Among the startups chosen were Mobeye and Modizy, which took part in the first incubation session of EPITA's StartUp42 accelerator. "Because he has an external point of view and is a successful startuper, Suhail Doshi gave us advice that we can implement once we've reassessed things, said Augustin Rudigoz, CEO of Mobeye. Until now, we were going to base the application we are currently developing on open and general crowdsourcing. Suhail Doshi advised us to first create a group of loyal users before opening up our service to everybody as it is maybe too soon to call upon all potential users."

The day of mentoring ended with open discussions about the microcosm of Silicon Valley (where exchanges between innovative companies are made easier by the fact that they are all close to one another geographically), finding new clients and exchange possibilities between American and European startups.

EPITA's Integration Week - Moisson 2013

On the 25th of September 2013 EPITA's international students have landed in Moisson, 90 KM from Paris, to kick off their integration week. More than 60 students coming from more than 15 countries have gathered in Base de Plein Air et de Loisirs to spend 2 nights and 3 days together. The aim was to help the student integrate within the French environment and to give them the chance to interact with each other, with the French students, and with students coming from the exchange and different international programs.

Integration Week 1.jpg

The students were divided into 6 groups. Each group was a mixture of different nationalities. Each group has elected a leader and selected a name from the IT domain and created a logo and a flag. The groups were in a competition mode during the 3 days. 

Integration Week 2.jpg

The students had the chance to experience many activities like: tennis, mini gulf, standup paddle, canoeing, Rafting, pedaling, in addition to the program that was prepared by EPITA's international staff and the French students like the Big Game and the International Night.

Integration Week 3.jpg

Integration Week 4.jpgAt the end of the event, the winning group was announced and a here are samples of the echoes we received from our international students:

"Great integration week, well organized and made it a big success..."

"The integration week was a good opportunity for all to integrate with one another..."

"I really enjoyed this event. i wish to all new comers to have fun and excitement as we had. Thank you"

Integration Week 5.jpg

Two EPITA graduates working for the web giants

On 20 September, Christopher Chedeau (EPITA graduate 2012) and Pierre Bourdon (EPITA graduate 2013) talked to first and second-year students about how they went from being students at EPITA to where they are now: respectively front-end engineer at Facebook and site reliability engineer (SRE) at Google.

Using opportunities at EIPTA to develop a network

As the fall term began, EPITA organized an event for the future engineers studying in the preparatory cycle to have a chat with two young graduates. Christopher Chedeau and Pierre Bourdon were able to discuss and share their experiences with the many students who came along to listen.

"I joined Google through the many contacts I'd made during my studies, said Pierre Bourdon. When I joined EPITA, I got involved in associations such as Prologin and laboratories such as the LSE, and was active in many web-based communities. Thanks to this involvement, I demonstrated what I was capable of, gave speeches on several occasions and carried out projects alongside my studies. All this, and the many contacts I made, were obviously a bonus when I applied for the internship offered by Google Zurich."

Pierre Bourdon and Christopher Chedeau (left to right)Pierre chatted about his job as an SRE, which is about making sure Google's services run properly by optimizing and automating them, and about the different skills he needs to demonstrate to do so. "Google's engineers work in a very American way, he said. Everything is done to make them feel good: you can take part in fun activities, you don't pay for food, the workflow is free... The idea is that we need to feel comfortable to work efficiently. »

The importance of projects

These working conditions are similar to those of Christopher, who has been working for Facebook in San Francisco for a year now. "Going to work is fun, he said. IT developers and engineers are the backbone of the company. Everything is done to make them feel comfortable." This young front-end engineer first got involved with Facebook through his blog: "As a student, I often blogged about my work and projects at EPITA. The courses followed at school were applied in such a technical way that one of the engineering directors at Facebook who read my blog got in touch with me. We had several conversations over the phone so he could assess my motivation and IT knowledge, then I was flown over to California for several interviews. One week later, I was hired."

Today, he works on aspects such as the social network's photo interface: "At Facebook I notice that the skills I learnt at EPITA are as good as, and even better than, the very theoretical skills my colleagues picked up at Stanford or at MIT. Getting students to work on projects prepares them directly for the real business world."

A few tips

And if they could give the students just one tip, what would it be? "I think you have to have to take advantage of your studies to gain different experiences, Pierre replied. Associations work in a small microcosm where people get to know each other very quickly. The same applies to laboratories. Out of the ten former EPITA students who work at Google Zurich, three had worked at Prologin for instance. You have to make the most of these networks." "I think you have to talk about what you do, said Christopher. Doing so helps you exchange with others and broaden your knowledge. This form of recognition can lead to great things."

FEMII 2013 - The Engineering and Computer Science Career Fair Organized by EPITA

We are pleased to announce that the FEMII 2013 (Forum Entreprises des Métiers de l'Ingénierie et de l'Informatique organisé par EPITA) will be held on next Wednesday and Thursday, the 16th and 17th of October 2013 in Pasteur courtyard where there will be more than 50 companies exhibiting at this forum. These companies who are EPITA's partners will be promoting opportunities based on their structure.

The International Office highly recommend that you visit the exhibition during these 2 days between 13h00 and 18h00 where you will have the opportunity to establish contacts for internships or full time jobs. We also encourage you to start discovering these companies by surfing their websites so you can short-list your choices as per your specialization and goals.

Hope to see you all!


Visit us on 29, 30, and 31 of October at NAJAH - Abu Dhabi

We are glad to invite you to our stand at the educational fair "Najah 2013". Come along to stand number J37 and then you will have the chance to meet our international team who will be more than happy to walk you through our new programs and products. Three International programs will be presented at the fair:

  1. International Master's
  2. International Bachelor
  3. Summer school

Our focus will be on helping students find out more about EPITA and how to improve their chances of getting a place on the specialization they want to study. Do not miss this opportunity and see you then!



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